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The Driver Certificate of Professional Competence (Driver CPC)
is a legal document for professionals who drive large

The Driver Certificate of Professional Competence

The legislation came into force in the UK on September 10, 2009, having been introduced in Europe. Its aim is to improve road safety and maintain high driving standards.

One thing you must know is that in addition to a vocational driving license, licensed bus, lorry drivers are now expected to hold a Driver CPC (Licensed Competence Certificate).

whether you’re new to the industry, an experienced driver or a driver’s fleet, it’s vital that you know how to do Driver CPC legislation and the correct licensing of drivers

This cpc service is all about you and your license, making your driving so much more engaging, enjoyable and rewarding.

New drivers

You must pass the Initial Driver CPC qualification divided into four parts before you can drive professionally

The objectives of Driver CPC

Driver CPC’s primary goal is to ensure better-trained drivers who are up-to-date with current legislation and help reduce road injuries–ultimately leading to better road safety.

The main business advantage for you as an employer is increased productivity and reduced fleet maintenance costs in the form of:

  • Lower insurance rates due to less injury
  • Minimal business interruption due to fewer incidents
  • Minimal breakdown on vehicles due to better driving behavior
  • Higher fuel economy
  • Better staff retention

The Driver Certificate

Well, the (Driver CPC) know as Driver Certificate of Professional Competence.

Who needs a Driver CPC?

If you want to drive buses, coaches, or HGVs for a living, you need a Driver CPC. If the vehicle is more than 3.5 tons or nine or more passenger seats and it’s going to be the main part of your job, then it’s important.

Well, the (Driver CPC) know as Driver Certificate of Professional Competence. This is a qualification for lorry bus and coach drivers. This was brought in to keep drive up to date with any new changes to the law and with the aim to improve road safety and keep professional drivers to a high standard.

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The Driver CPC is applied in all Member States of the European Union (EU). If you’re driving in another EU country, you still need to have a valid Driver CPC and carry your DQC if you don’t have an exemption.

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